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There’s no better way to teach your children the alphabet!

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Do you remember sitting in school trying to learn how to spell, write, and speak properly? When you’re a young child, learning the ins and outs of the English language can be very confusing. Why are there silent letters? There seems to be no logical explanation.

P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever is a picture book created for young children who’re just beginning to learn about how awful learning English grammar can be. This 40-page book will take your child on a wild ride in hopes that they understand some of the complicated ways English grammar works — like what’s the difference between night and knight?

Your kid will be fascinated as they flip through the book with cool pictures of dinosaurs and interesting facts about the English language. While it may seem a little advanced to learn about the worst parts of the alphabet at a young age, it will give your child a better grasp of English grammar when going through school. It’s beneficial to prepare your child for the world as best as you can — and a little added humor never hurts.

Image Source: Raj Haldar
Image Source: Raj Haldar
Image Source: Raj Haldar

What others are saying about the product

This is a really fun book for all ages. My early elementary child loved learning about all these words that break phonetic rules. As parents we couldn’t help but laugh too. The pictures are really well done as well. Thankfully there’s a pronunciation guide in the back because a couple of the words are so obscure that I wasn’t completely confident that I was pronouncing them correctly. A really fun book that our little ones have begged us to read to them again and again.
This is both a kid favorite and a parent favorite. It features challenge words and tricky phrases while also being silly and funny. Probably better for older kids but our 18 month old is entertained by it.
Got a lot of laughs out of this one, everyone enjoyed it. An unexpected gift for a young child.
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