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50 Forgotten 90s Toys Your Kids Need in Their Life

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Times were simpler in the 90s—kids could play without the distractions they face today. You’re not alone if you wish your kids could experience a childhood like yours. One without iPads, social media, and access to everything with the touch of their fingertips.

While you can’t get a time machine to transport your kids back to the 90s, you could purchase 90s toys to give them a glimpse of life before the Internet. Here are 50 toys from the 90s that will bring a smile to your kids’ faces (and yours too):

Source: via Tamagotchi

1. Tamagotchi

Let’s kick off our list of nostalgic 90s toys with the Tamagotchi! There are plenty of apps like it on smart devices, but there’s nothing quite like the original. A little virtual pet lives inside each device—prompting the owner to care for them throughout the day. It’s a simple “game” that will give your child a sense of responsibility. Luckily, they can reboot their device if anything happens to their beloved Tamagotchi.

Purchase details: $33 from Amazon >>

Source: via FWFX

2. Dance Mat

If you lived through the 90s, we know you made fun memories playing on an electronic dance mat. Your kids can create these fun memories, too! The FWFX Dance Mat for Kids and Adults is a plug-and-play game straight from the 90s, but with a modern-day twist. It features several different games—from dancing competitions, to sports games, and other arcade games. This one mat has a game that everyone in the family will enjoy!

Purchase details: $126 from Amazon >>

Source: via Hasbro Gaming

3. Power Rangers Electronic LCD Video Game

Does your child love watching the Power Rangers? The Power Rangers have been loved for several decades—and now your child will appreciate this retro-inspired Tiger Electronics Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Electronic LCD Video Game! This 90s toy will not only give your child a quick video game history lesson, but they’ll enjoy going through the five different stages with their favorite power rangers.

Purchase details: $16 from Amazon >>

Source: via Polly Pocket

4. Polly Pocket Starlight Castle Compact (Keepsake Collection)

It’s really special when kids from different decades play with the same toys. If you played with Polly Pockets while growing up, your small child would love the idea of playing with the same toy. The Polly Pocket Keepsake Collection Starlight Castle Compact is a recreation of the popular 1992 Starlight Castle Compact. Your kid will enjoy playing with the Polly doll, prince doll, unicorn, and swan. Kids who play with Polly Pockets will appreciate feeling like they’re a part of the popular toy company’s history.

Source: via Furby

5. Furby Plush Toy

Furby is arguably one of the most iconic toys of all time. These wide-eyed creatures took the toy market by storm in 1998—and they haven’t slowed down since. The Furby Pink and Blue Hearts Boom Plush Toy is the perfect combination of a new toy and a nostalgic 90s toy. The Furby Boom app allows kids to collect eggs and raise virtual Furblings; the Furby toy will have a personality and dialogue directly impacted by how your child treats the toy.

Source: via Come-buy

6. Handheld Game Console with 400 Classical FC Games

Retro Handheld Game Consoles are too often forgotten about when iPads and smart devices are readily available at your child’s fingertips. This handheld console has over 400 classic games your child can enjoy anytime, anywhere! While your kid could technically download 400 apps on their smart device, there’s something magical about stepping back in time and playing classic games on a retro handheld console.


Trying to lessen your kid’s screen time? We get it. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Glowing Marble Run is a 90s toy that will keep your child distracted in a way that’s super productive!

Your kid may not realize it’s a retro 90s toy because they’ll instantly fall in love with this state-of-the-art construction set! The kit includes 10 sturdy bases, 55 action pieces, and 135 smooth-run tube pieces. There are 50 glow-in-the-dark marbles! This marble run has seemingly endless configurations that will keep your child happily entertained while they express their creativity and problem solving.

Source: via Yintlilocn

8. Mini Troll Dolls

Does your kid enjoy playing with dolls? This Mini Troll Vintage Doll Set comes with ten small trolls—all with different hair colors! You could purchase these to place in gift bags at your kid’s birthday party. Another fun idea? Hide the trolls around the house, and then send your kids on a hunt! This 90s toy set will make their imaginations run wild.

Source: via Sesame Street

9. Tickle Me Elmo

If you look up “90s nostalgia toys” online, you’ll instantly see a picture of Elmo! He brings back all of the 90s nostalgia; every kid should play with a Tickle Me Elmo at some point. You know how it works—tickle him, squeeze him, or press his tummy for lots of giggles!

Source: via Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

10. Classic Raphael Ninja Turtles Figurine

You can’t go wrong with figurines — especially when they’re Ninja Turtle figurines! This Classic Basic Raphael Figure is modeled after how he appeared in the 1980s version of the popular show. He doesn’t have all the bells and whistles the toys have today, leaving kids to rely on their imaginations to really find out what Raphael can do. He comes inside a classic box with the original TMNT graphics and a super cool rack of weapons!

Source: via Hasbro Gaming

11. Crocodile Dentist Kids Game

Family game night is always fun, but this Crocodile Dentist Kids Game is a game that your kids will want to play all by themselves. Put on your favorite TV show, sit back, and relax as your kids entertain themselves for hours! The crocodile has a sore tooth—kids will need to watch out for the achy tooth, or they’ll be chomped out of the game! The last kid standing wins.

Source: via Hasbro Gaming

12. Mouse Trap Board Game

You played with the Mouse Trap Board Game—now it’s time to share this fantastic game with your kids! Your kids will get a glimpse into the 90s with this challenging board game. You know the rules: build the mouse trap and try to get your mouse around the game without getting trapped!

Source: via Toy Story

13. Toy Story Disney Talking Buzz Lightyear

It doesn’t matter the decade; all kids grow up watching Disney movies. Toy Story is one of Disney’s classic movies that stands the test of time! This 12" Disney Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure will push your kids to use their imagination to infinity and beyond! Press his chest for the classic “Buzz Toy” phrases or watch him light up dark rooms. The reviews speak for themselves; this toy impresses everyone with its futuristic features and quality.

Source: via Power Rangers

14. Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Megazord Megapack

This Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Megazord Megapack will excite kids who love the Power Rangers—and it’ll show other kids how cool the Power Rangers are! It includes five action figures inspired by the Zords of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; the pieces can be put together to form the Dino Megazord! Since this toy was inspired by the Zords of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show in the 90s, this toy is popular with many adults as well. Kids can play with it—and you can place it on display in the game room!

Source: via Hasbro Gaming

15. Hungry Hungry Hippos

If you’ve lived through the 90s, you know all about the classic game Hungry Hungry Hippos! This is the perfect throwback game for family game night—challenge your kids to see whose hippo will eat the most marbles.

The game comes with 4 hippo heads, 4 hippo bodies, 4 marble launchers, 20 plastic marbles (including one golden marble), a label sheet, and instructions. Playing just one game of Hungry Hungry Hippos will bring back your 90s nostalgia in the best way possible!

Source: via Hasbro Gaming

16. Perfection Game

The Perfection Game isn’t your average board game—this one keeps you on your toes! Work against the clock to get all 25 geometric shapes into the game unit before the timer pops them all out! This game includes 25 geometric shapes, a game unit with a built-in timer, a pop-up tray, a storage compartment, and instructions. It can be played individually or with some friends!

Source: via Gigapets

17. GigaPets Virtual Puppy Dog Toy

The popular GigaPets Virtual Puppy Dog Toy from the 90s is revamped by the original game designers. There are new animations, graphics, and an upgraded speaker system to offer a more immersive experience.

You never have to leave a GigaPets virtual puppy dog at home! Your child can learn the responsibilities associated with raising a dog through playing with this fun toy. There are various activities like taking them to the vet, teaching them tricks, feeding them, giving them a bath, and so much more!


18. Nerf Super Soaker XP100 Water Blaster

Ready for an all-out water battle with your kids? The Nerf Super Soaker XP100 Water Blaster is not your average water gun: it’s air-pressurized to ensure you completely soak your rival with a continuous blast of water! It has a removable tank to quickly refill water into the water blaster. Create amazing memories with your kids by getting a super soaker for everyone in your family!

Source: via Atari

19. Atari Jaguar System

The Atari Jaguar System is one of the original gaming systems. Maybe you want to purchase this to show your kid who loves video games where everything started—but we completely understand if you want to get your hands on the Atari Jaguar System to relive a small part of your childhood! This system includes the console, controller, connector, power supply, and various games.

Source: via DIGIMON

20. DIGIMON Bandai Original Digivice Virtual Pet Monster

Sometimes kids don’t want to take care of virtual pets—they rather look after cool virtual monsters! The original DIGIMON Bandai Original Digivice Virtual Pet Monster is back. Your kid will enjoy the process of watching their Digimon hatch, raising it, feeding it, and ultimately sending the Digimon into battle. There are hundreds of Digimons within the system, so your child can enjoy seemingly endless combinations and outcomes when they go into battle.

Source: via Pokemon

21. Pokémon Assorted Cards

This is one of the only “toys” that doesn’t need an explanation. This pack of Pokémon Assorted Cards will be a great addition to any existing Pokémon collection; it could also be a fantastic way to start collecting a timeless Pokémon card collection. Who knows, you might find a Mewtwo in there somewhere!

Source: via Pressman

22. Amazon Exclusive Bonus Edition Let's Go Fishin'

The classic game of Let's Go Fishin' just got better—it comes with a Lucky Ducks make-a-match card game! Players try to catch as many fish in the rotating pond as possible. This game set includes 21 fish (they open and close their mouths!), 4 fishing poles, and the bonus make-a-match card game.

Source: via JOYIN

23. 144 Slap Bracelet Wristbands for Kids

Do you have a kid’s party coming up where you need to fill lots of goodie bags? Maybe your kid loves to collect these bracelets with their friends. Either way, this massive pack of Slap Bracelet Wristbands for Kids is filled with super fun designs that kids will love collecting and trading. Look out for the heart designs, poop emoji designs, and the peace sign designs!

Source: via Super Nintendo

24. SNES Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Europe), Not Region Locked

The 90s called: they want their controllers back! This SNES Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System may be EU imported, but anyone around the world can enjoy this classic gaming system. You can look forward to playing 20 classic games (including a never-before-released Star Fox 2 game).

This system includes the Super Nintendo mini replica system, 21 preloaded games, two wired controllers, one HDMI cable, and one USB cable.

Source: via PlayStation

25. PlayStation Classic

The classic mini gaming replica systems don’t stop there: this mini PlayStation Classic replica also features 20 awesome preloaded games! Enjoy playing your favorite classic PlayStation games like Wild Arms, Final Fantasy VII, and 18 others. This system includes two wired controllers, a virtual memory card, and an HDMI cable.

Source: via NERF

26. Nerf Disruptor Elite Blaster (Amazon Exclusive)

Who doesn’t love an extreme Nerf war with their friends or siblings? This NERF Disruptor Elite Blaster will take your offense strategy to the next level. The 6-dart rotating drum will make sure you can quickly take out any opponents coming your way. The blaster comes with six elite darts that can be blasted over 90 feet!

Source: via Nintendo 64

27. Nintendo 64 System

Did you think that all of the Nintendo 64 Systems were long gone? Think again! The Amazon Renewed Store has pre-owned Nintendo 64 Systems in excellent condition that are completely inspected, clean, and ready to play. Your kids may beat you at Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch… but we know you’ll show them how it’s done on the Nintendo 64 version!

Source: via Littlest Pet Shop

28. Littlest Pet Shop Pet Party Spectacular Collector Toy Pack

The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Party Spectacular Toy Pack is perfect for kids who want to have a “paw-some” miniature pet collection. It includes 15 pet friends, 13 Deco Bits pieces, and 2 accessories. Your kid won’t get enough of their adorable miniature pets in this spectacular collector’s pack!

Source: via Mr Potato Head

29. Playskool Mr. Potato Head

We’ve all changed a lot since the 90s, including Mr. Potato Head! The newest version of Mr. Potato Head has legs, more accessory holes, and a slimmer look. Luckily, the parts are completely compatible with other Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads! This Mr. Potato Head figure comes with a set of eyes, a nose, a mouth with teeth, a hat, a mustache, a tongue, a pair of glasses, two hands, two ears, and one pair of legs (with shoes).

30. Barbie Anniversary Star Doll 30th Anniversary Special Limited Edition (1992)

Does your child love to play with Barbies? There’s nothing more magical than giving a child a limited edition Barbie to add to their existing collection. Watch as your child happily plays with their new Barbie Anniversary Star Doll 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (1992).

31. TY Beanie Baby - 1998 Holiday Teddy

The holidays are coming up, do you know what you’re going to get for your kids? This TY Beanie Baby - 1998 Holiday Teddy would make the cutest gift or stocking stuffer! Your child will love cuddling with their festive teddy bear all winter long.

32. Hot Wheels 50-Car Pack

What’s the point in purchasing the small Hot Wheels packs from grocery stores when you can get your hands on this Hot Wheels 50-Car Pack of 1:64 Scale Vehicles? This epic pack includes 50 individually packaged cars that will impress kids and collectors alike!

Source: via Duncan

33. Duncan Toys Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo

We all know that there are some really cool toys coming out lately… but nothing can ever compare to classic toys, like the Duncan Toys Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo! This yo-yo was designed for people to learn the basics: it automatically comes back to you and has a take-apart design to help easily detangle any knots. This yo-yo makes it easier than ever to master the craft and do some awesome tricks!

Source: via TAMIYA

34. Tamiya the Hornet Model

If you’ve never played with a remote control (RC) car, you’re really missing out! This is a super fun hobby for both adults and children. Whether you want to try it out or your kids are interested in RC cars, the Tamiya the Hornet Model is a great beginner car to get your start in this hobby! The Tamiya the Hornet Model is a popular classic RC car (this one only comes with the car and motor.

35. Giant Rainbow Slinky

We wouldn’t believe you if you told us that you’ve never played with a slinky before. Every kid should play with a slinky during their childhood! This Giant Rainbow Slinky is the perfect addition to your kid’s toy collection. If you’re planning an event where you’ll need to create gift bags, party favors, or prizes—this vibrant slinky is a great option!


36. Stretch Armstrong Figure

Some action figures break easily, but not the Stretch Armstrong Figure - Large Original Stretch Action Figure - 10" Stretchy Toy. Kids can pull, stretch, and twist this figure as much as they’d like… but he always returns back to his original shape! Your kids will love trying to stump Strongman Stretch Armstrong.

Source: via G. I. Joe

37. G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Cartoon Series Cardback: Cobra Commander (Cobra Leader)

Every kid needs some classic toys in their toy collection! The G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Cartoon Series Cardback: Cobra Commander (Cobra Leader) 3.75 Inch Action Figure will probably defeat any of your kid’s newer action figures when in battle (this figure has gained a little more experience over the years).

Source: via Cupcake Surprise

38. Cupcake Surprise Transforming Scented Princess Dolls With Bonus Matty's Toy Stop Storage Bag

These scented dolls are sent straight from the 90s! When your child opens this Cupcake Surprise Transforming Scented Princess Dolls Gift Set Bundle, they’ll be looking at two cute cupcakes before realizing that the cupcakes magically transform into scented princess dolls! This set includes two dolls and a bonus toy storage bag. The colors and styles vary, so your kid can enjoy being surprised by each set they receive!

Source: via LatchKits

39. LatchKits The Original Waterfuls: Classic Handheld Water Game!

If this toy suddenly unlocked a memory for you, you’re not alone. The LatchKits The Original Waterfuls: Classic Handheld Water Game includes six different interchangeable game panels for an endless amount of fun! Simply fill the toy with water and begin playing awesome games (without the added stimulation from modern-day electronics).

Source: via SEGA

40. Sega Genesis Mini

If you grew up during the 90s, you can probably sing the Sega theme song from all those years playing the Sega Genesis. Instead of relying on an old gaming system to continue working properly, this Sega Genesis Mini is a small replica of the original classic gaming system. The console includes 42 games that are ready to be played! This set includes the console, 2 wired controllers, 42 games, a power cable, a USB adaptor, and an HDMI cable.

Source: via Hasbro Gaming

41. Jenga Classic Game

When friends or family come over to your home for game night, what games do you have to offer? Your selection isn’t complete unless you have Classic Jenga! You know the drill: each person takes a turn pulling out a wooden block from the tower. Make sure you’re not the person to cause the tower to come tumbling down! This set includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, a stacking sleeve, and instructions.

Source: Koosh

42. Koosh 3” Balls

The original Koosh balls are back! This 3-pack of Koosh 3" Balls come in assorted colors. The options are endless when it comes to playing with these squishy balls: throw them, catch them, and create games with them! These balls are a great way to introduce small kids to playing catch. Other kids will enjoy coming up with fun games that incorporate these super fun balls!

Source: via Basic Fun

43. Basic Fun My Little Pony: Applejack

This Basic Fun My Little Pony: Applejack figure may look like a toy horse to you, but your child will use their imagination to visualize this horse running through meadows and magical kingdoms. Applejack is a My Little Pony collaboration with the popular Netflix show Stranger Things, so it’s a rare collectible My Little Pony figure!

Source: via Creepy Crawlers

44. Creepy Crawlers Alien Bug Maker Kit with 24 Bug Mites! Melt, Create, Creep!

Your kids will have so much fun creating their own army of alien bugs! This Creepy Crawlers Alien Bug Maker Kit with 24 Bug Mites allows kids to melt orange and green mites into a cauldron before pulling the lever to create alien bugs from a mold. After they’ve finished playing with their alien bugs, they can melt them down again to create new ones!

Source: via Etch A Sketch

45. Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy with Magic Screen

The original magic screen is a toy that will even impress the kids growing up in 2022! You know the drill: the Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy with Magic Screen has a left and right knob that controls the sketch. If your kid messes up or wants to start again, they just need to turn it around and give it a quick shake! This is a great toy to boost your child’s imagination.

Source: via Bedwina

46. Colorful and Small Rubber Bouncing Balls

Rubber bouncing balls are one the classic toys that stand the test of time. This massive pack of Colorful and Small Rubber Bouncing Balls includes 250 balls!

Why would you need 250 bouncy balls? Parents planning a party (gift bags and prizes), teachers, and people who have vending machines can put good use to the seemingly endless amount of balls included.

Source: via Micro Machines

47. Micro Machines Super Van City Playset

Bring the racetrack into your child’s bedroom! The Micro Machines Super Van City Playset is perfect for any kid who loves cars. It includes over 20 action zones of play in awesome city locations that your child will zip their cars through! This playset has 12 high-quality Micro Machine vehicles, a working bridge, a construction site, a high-rise building, a drag strip, and several ramps.

Source: Lego

48. LEGO Monster Fighters Halloween Minifigure: Ghost (Glow in the Dark)

Halloween is right around the corner, but kids will want to play with this spooky LEGO Monster Fighters Halloween Minifigure: Ghost (Glow in the Dark) all year long. Your kid may have an entire collection of LEGOs, but do they have a LEGO ghost that glows super bright when in the dark?

Source: via Cabbage Patch Kids

49. Cabbage Patch Kids Surprise Gender Reveal 9" Deluxe Newborn Baby (Green Eyes, Boy)

Gender reveals aren’t just for adults anymore! This Cabbage Patch Kids Surprise Gender Reveal 9" Deluxe Newborn Baby puts a modern and fun twist on the classic Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

While you’ll know the gender of your child’s new doll, they won’t know until they check their doll for the surprise gender reveal! The doll comes with a removable swaddle, cute printed body features, a surprise bottle, and a customizable birth certificate.

Source: via Fotelilona

50. McDonald's Happy Meal 1999 Ty Teenie Beanie Babies 1-12 Complete Set

Do you have a kid that begs to go to McDonalds to get their hands on the Happy Meal toys? Now, you don’t need to wait in line for Mcdonald's exclusive toys—they can be delivered right to your home with this McDonald's Happy Meal 1999 Ty Teenie Beanie Babies 1-12 Set!

This is a complete set with 12 adorable Beanie Babies like the frog, dog, fox, cat, cheetah, and so much more!

Do we miss any 90s toys that you grew up with? If so, leave us a comment down below with the nostalgic 90s toys that’s part of every 90s kid's memory.

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