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Drinking Water Outdoors Has Never Been Easier

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When you are outdoors and plan to survive in the wilderness, nothing is more important than having reliable water access. Without water, you risk death within three days.

Unfortunately, not all water sources are made equal, and you can expose yourself to dangerous infections if you are not careful. Luckily, Lifestraw’s water filter is a very simple, affordable, and efficient way to guarantee each sip in the great outdoors is safe and refreshing.

This water filter for drinking is small, compact, and portable. Despite its size, it protects against nearly all waterborne bacteria and parasites while removing microplastics and other contaminants. Likewise, the microbiological filter works with up to 4,000 liters.

However, the best part of this water filter is its ingenious design: it works just like a straw! Put it in your mouth, place the other end on your water source, and suck it in—as easy as that!

LifeStraw has it all, which certainly explains why it remains the number one best-seller water filter on Amazon. Although, to be honest, the constant discounts help just as much—sometimes even 70%, so be on the lookout!

Image Source: LifeStraw
Image Source: LifeStraw
Image Source: LifeStraw

What others are saying about the product

What can I say it does the job and is great for my G.H.B. bag weighs next to nothing and I'll always have drinkable water
This thing is no joke! I took it backpacking on Maine's Bigelow range. When I ran out of the water I brought, I was A-ok with this. Just bring a wide mouth bottle to fill with water you find. On top of one of the lower peaks, I drank from the most disgusting looking crevice filled with brown scum (see photo). I thought, this is going to be safe, but taste horrid. WRONG. TASTED LIKE THE FRESHEST SPRING WATER. Better than any tap. I'm from Maine, and I've tasted plenty of water right from mountain springs, so take my word. One caution: it can be a little challenging to start. You have to prove it by soaking. If it still doesn't work, blow into it a bit.
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter are a must have for my type of work where we are dropped by helicopter, boat or plane into very remote areas and have to depend on what we carry on our back for survival, possibly for extended periods of time.
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