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Get alerted the moment an intruder steps foot into your home

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The world can sometimes feel like a dangerous place. Everyone wants to protect their family, but sometimes we don’t have the means to pay thousands of dollars for an at-home security system.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need expensive security systems to alert you if the unthinkable happens. It only takes $8.

The ZZRUI Upgraded Door Stopper Security Alarm can be placed underneath any door to alert you if an intruder preys on your household. When the door stopper is on, it will trigger a loud sound (up to 120 dB) if there’s pressure placed against the door.

There are three sensitivity levels—low, medium, and high. The sensitivity level controls how much pressure should be applied before it begins to make noise.

It gets better! There are no wires included; this device is battery-operated. Simply place a 1x9V battery inside the machine. You’ll know it’s time to replace the battery when the noise starts to dwindle.

Keeping your family safe has never been this easy (or inexpensive). This device should give you ample time to defend your family against any potential intruder!

Image Source: ZZRUI
Image Source: ZZRUI
Image Source: ZZRUI

What others are saying about the product

I love this product, its a very genius idea. Very easy to use, just pop a 9V battery in and holy moly! I put it on low settings is super loud, this makes a great device to feel safe at all times. I turn it off to use it as a normal door stop and turn it on at night when I'm ready for bed, I take it with me when i travel so i feel safer in a hotel room at night. This also makes a good device to carry if you go for a walk alone to scare somebody who is following you. Love it!
Alarm is loud! If it goes off, I will certainly hear it. I tested it multiple times and it does provide resistance to the door being opened. This is one more security tool to give me time to react to an intruder.
This is very simple to use; toggle the switch on the heel of the wedge to "on" and you're done. It's much higher quality than I expected and it's not so loud that hurts. You can definitely hear it from the other room but even if you set it off in your hand, it's not too loud. Great for traveling; especially in Airbnb's where everyone before you has the door code or has had a key.
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