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Popcorn At Home Just Got Better 🍿

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Let’s face it: half the reason we go to the movie theater is to indulge in the delicious popcorn. The popcorn is mouthwatering when it’s made fresh — but sometimes, you end up with stale popcorn that tastes like it’s been sitting in the machine for hours.

Why cross your fingers that you’ll get tasty popcorn when you can bring the movie theater experience to the comfort of your home? This Popcorn Popper Machine allows you to make popcorn just how you like it. When there’s something as important as popcorn on the line, you’ve got to make sure it’s done right.

Family movie night just got way butter (pun intended). The machine includes a measuring cup, spoon, and serving scoop to ensure the popcorn always comes out perfect.

Forget driving to the theater, waiting in lines, and watching a movie in a crowded room.

Watching a movie should be relaxing: pop your movie theater popcorn, turn on your favorite movie, and cozy up with a blanket on the couch. You don’t need to visit the theater to get the theater experience!

Image Source: WestBend
Image Source: WestBend
Image Source: WestBend

What others are saying about the product

No complaints and I’ve been using this weekly to buy-weekly for well over 6 months now. It’s easy to clean all the pieces come off to allow you to clean thoroughly. I have zero complaints.
We love it!! Easy to set up, easy to clean, and always produces great popcorn. It's quite compact, which saves on space, but it also makes it a little awkward scooping out the popcorn. When it's done popping, as soon as you open the door, popcorn spills out. The kettle also sits right above the popcorn so you have to be careful to avoid burning your hand.
Love this popcorn machine. Nevertheless, you could not make a lot of popcorn in the same time but you could do a lot in many batches.
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