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Sprinkle added fun onto your trampoline this summer 💦

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Do your kids love jumping on the trampoline? Or maybe they used to love using the trampoline, but they started getting bored with it? The Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids will turn your trampoline into your very own outdoor waterpark!

Playing on the trampoline just got cooler — in more ways than one. Not only will this trampoline sprinkler cool the trampoline by up to twenty-five degrees, but your kids will love the added fun to their trampoline.

Put away the garden hose because this trampoline sprinkler is inexpensive, easy to install, and blasts water all over the trampoline like never before! To install, simply tie the bands around your trampoline’s net. Just be sure to leave a little room — the water won’t flow properly if the bands are too tight!

This safe and durable sprinkler set will have your kids jumping with joy all summer long. The sprinklers can easily be taken off the trampoline and enjoyed elsewhere in the yard. You could even bring the sprinklers to a backyard summer party to really sprinkle in some fun times!

Image Source: Bobor
Image Source: Bobor
Image Source: Bobor

What others are saying about the product

This is a great product! My girls have loved playing in it. It is important to note the holes are only on one side of the material. I say to pay attention to that because it matters with placement. If you put the holes on the outside, of course, the water will spray out of the trampoline (like some users mentioned). Also, leave the zip ties loose because the material will expand as it fills with water. I left them fairly loose to make moving it easier. My trampoline is 14 feet around, and it went all the way around with a few inches that overlapped. I turn the water on slowly and it will usually push the kinks out where the line slacks/drops down when not in use. I usually only have to pull the last part over slightly. That's no big deal because we have stairs built at the entrance of the trampoline. Overall, it is a great product! I highly recommend this for summer time fun!
Hose was easy to attach. we liked that the zip ties that comes with it have the quick release thumb points so we were able to play with where we wanted the hose. We have a 15ft trampoline, it goes most of the way around it. The hose kinks around the corners a bit that was the biggest struggle with getting it functional. Overall, it'll work to have a sprinkler attached to the trampoline so we can all have fun and cool off this summer.
This definitely makes the trampoline a summer fun activity. However, it’s extremely hard to put up. Unless you’re 10 foot tall. Also if you put the clasps on too hard it cuts off the water and doesn’t work. I leaned that quickly and then had to cut them off and redo it. But once it’s up (properly) it’s a lot of fun.
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