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The Ultimate Nerf Blaster Is Finally Here

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Nerf blasters are one of those quintessential toys that remain awesome generation after generation. Of course, new years bring new gear, and contemporary models keep getting even more elaborate and fun to use.

Case in point? The NERF Elite Titan CS-50; a dart toy so incredible that even the name sounds impressive, reminiscent of a genuine elite machine gun that would exist in real life.

Be warned, though—this stuff is for the real hardcore nerf players. If you’re aiming for something easier and lighter, like a nerf elite minigun, forget it—this thing is big and weighs close to 1kg. But, of course, that just makes it all the more fun to play with.

Channel your inner 80s action movie hero self with the 50-dart drum capable of releasing a quick and lethal storm of darts within seconds. The shoulder strap makes it easier to carry while also having the bonus of being very Rambo-like.

The result? A toy you would like to borrow from your kid from time to time to awaken the fun of days gone by. Better yet, purchase a pair for you and your child to have a playfully deadly showdown. May the best one win.

Image Source: Hasbro NERF
Image Source: Hasbro NERF
Image Source: Hasbro NERF

What others are saying about the product

HUGE gun. Almost as big as my 9 year old who received it. Even so it's not too heavy. Strap that it came with helps immensely. SUPER COOL LOOKS! By far the coolest Nerf gun I've ever seen! Both sons, ages 9 and 11, love it. Huge magazine capacity, easy to load, but don't use cheapie knock-off darts. Those will jam. Very good range. Since its slung below your shoulder and hangs at your waist, it's not easy to aim accurately, but makes up for that with sheer volume of darts it shoot. As with all Nerf products, they're very sturdy and we'll built. It's not cheap, but it's worth it.
This is the biggest coolest nerf gun in the world. It shoots 50 bullets in about 25 seconds, and comes with a strap, 50 bullets, and of course a 50 dart drum. Take note that it doesn’t come with batteries but that’s ok. The drum can be slightly finicky and jammy but after a few runs though it gets a lot better. Great gun!
It's a bit slower to shood than you'd think a minigun would be, but it packs a surprising amount of power with those flywheels. Filling the drum sucks, naturally, and its a bit awkward to load a fresh mag or drum with how low it's held, but it's not impossible to do. The battery count is nice too, only taking 4 D batteries rather than the 6 I've seen elsewhere. Gives it weight without it being too heavy. Just bring a few extra 25 dart drums, and it'll be a load of fun.
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