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Protect your shower drain from getting clogged

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It doesn’t matter who uses the shower—everyone loses some hair. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t notice much hair loss after shampooing, you’re unknowingly allowing hair to slowly collect in your drain.

You’d be shocked to take a look inside your home’s pipes. Instead of slowly working your way towards a clogged drain or pipe, you can install a hair trap in your shower’s drain!

The award-winning TubShroom is a revolutionary hair catcher that will protect your pipes from getting clogged with hair. The product only costs $12.99 on Amazon right now, but it will protect your home’s pipes for years to come. It’s definitely worth the investment!

Simply stick the device into your drain, and watch as it collects every hair. You won’t believe how much hair the TubShroom collects after wiping it off!

Don’t just take our word for it; TubShroom currently has over 100,000 5-star reviews. This device has protected over seven million drains.

Time is ticking! We don’t want you to end up with a crazy plumbing bill when there’s an easy (and cheap) fix. Try it out, and thank us later!

Image Source: TubShroom
Image Source: TubShroom

What others are saying about the product

I installed one of these in my kids bath and it's a life saver. no longer need to deal with stuck hair - this is easy to remove and clean, they can do it themselves when they feel the bath doesn't drain well (teenagers). The nice thing about this one is that unlike mesh strainers that you just put on top of your drain, the hair that gets tangled in this one is not visible. The other side of this is that you have to take the thing out to clean, but that's very easy to do. Also take into account this can plug the bath, so if you want to take a bath you'll have to remove it and put in a plug. We basically don't use that bath almost at all but if you do, that's something to consider.
I was mentioning at work one day that I had moved into a new place and had already had to use Drano in my shower. I said I was going to buy the best product I could find to catch hair before it went down the drain to clog it. One of my coworkers asked me if I meant a Tub Shroom and I replied that I had never heard of one. I looked it up on Amazon, purchased it, and have never looked back. I recommend them to everyone! I have not had to use Drano in my house since I purchased it! Super easy to clean! Once or twice a week when the water in my tub starts to stand during my shower, I’ll pull it out, clean it with a paper towel, and it’s good as new!
I make sure to clean it after every shower so the hair is still wet and also very helpful that the silicone is flexible, you can manipulate it in various directions to remove the hair. Sticks out quite a bit from the top of my tub opening but because it is silicone it's only mildly inconvenient. Before I moved into my new place I used to use the tubshroom ultra but it is MUCH more difficult to remove hair from especially if you are not consistent or diligent. Happy to have made the switch!
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