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This Toy Will Blow You Away πŸŒ€

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Everyone loves having a blast, but this Airzooka Air Blaster takes it to a whole new level. This handheld air gun creates a harmless blast of air that could hit someone twenty feet away! Someone loses on family game night? Blast them. One of your kids is whining again? Blast them. You want to play a trick on your friend? Catch them off guard and blast them. You get the idea. This air cannon is one of the best ways to have innocent fun and a good laugh with your friends and family.

Here’s the good news: this ultimate air blaster was made for kids and adults alike. Your kids could get a couple of them to have the greatest air war in the backyard β€” and you can get some to bring into work and blast your favorite coworker (but we never said anything).

The elastic air launcher is easy to use and can be used by people who are both right and left-handed! There are no batteries required. Aren’t blown away yet? Just wait until you get your hands on this insane air blaster. Good times and good laughs are right around the corner.

Image Source: Squirrel Products
Image Source: Squirrel Products
Image Source: Squirrel Products

What others are saying about the product

This is such a fun gift! Bought for my husband to play around with and entertain our little girls, and it's a blast! They've made so many games and contests trying to shoot air at objects. Well worth the price for the amount of use and enjoyment they have already gotten from this! Even fun to pull out when guests are over!
This is a fun toy for my son and his friends but I find the adults have as much fun with it as the kids. It is a simple concept, the gun is a plastic cylinder with a plastic diaphragm attached at one end. You pull back on the diaphragm and release and it pushes a burst of air that will tousle the hair of your opponent from 10-15 feet away. I like that there is no physical contact so less chance someone will get hurt.
This is pretty cool. My kids like it and it is fun to play with, while also getting a better understanding of air flow, focus, force, etc.. I did not find this difficult to 'put together' at all as others have commented but perhaps they have improved the design since those other reviewers had their experiences. Have fun!
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