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Life Just Got a Little Sweeter ☁️🍭

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Do you remember begging your parents to go to the fair during the summer? There was so much to look forward to: fun rides, exciting games, and mouthwatering cotton candy.

It turns out you don’t need a time machine to go back in time — you can go back to the good ol’ days with this Classic Retro Cotton Candy Maker! Now, you don’t have to wait months (or years) at a time to indulge in this delicious treat. Simply place the retro machine on your countertop, heat it, add some flossing sugar, and enjoy your well-deserved sweet treat within a few minutes. It includes two reusable cones and a scoop to make treating yourself to cotton candy easier than ever before.

Not only will this retro machine make an adorable addition to your home decor, but it will become your new favorite party trick. Take this portable cotton candy machine to your next party to really make things sweeter! You can also gift this retro cotton candy maker to a loved one — that is, if you’re willing to part with it. You may want to get one for yourself first!

What others are saying about the product

Great product making amazing cotton candy! Very easy to use for my 8 year's old son. He actually likes the process of making cotton candy more than eating it! Very fun for all family.
I am not disappointed at all. There is a learning curve to twirling the cone correctly and it is a bit difficult to get the center sugar spreader off in order to clean it but it’s worth it! The pictures show three servings of cotton candy. I make one flavor at a time but use the same cone for all three to make it big and fluffy. Follow directions and you will be fine! It just makes me so happy!
Works fine if you are just making a small portion of cotton candy for yourself or one kid, but it's not great for making cotton candy for multiple people. It is very easy to clean as long as you clean it immediately after use, although removing the center piece where the sugar goes is somewhat difficult. Overall, not terrible for the price as long as you are only making cotton candy every once in a while for just one person.
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