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Who knew a hot potato could be so shocking? 🥔

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Hot potato, hot potato! The Shocktato Party Game just took the classic game of hot potato to the next level. You’ll be “shocked” by how much more fun this classic game can be. Simply turn on the potato (you read that right), select one of the three modes, and get ready for a hilarious time!

Pass the potato around and try not to get shocked! You can even play a prank on an unexpecting friend — pass it to them and watch their reaction as they throw it across the room! The Shocktado is built with a rubber coating that is made to be dropped.

Want your kids to play without getting shocked? There’s a setting that includes music without the shock (it’s called the lame game mode). The normal game mode has music with a shock — and the extreme game mode includes a shock without any music.

Whether you want to play an extreme prank or bring a little excitement to your next party, the Shocktato Party Game will be something that your friends laugh about for years to come.

Image Source: Shocktato
Image Source: Shocktato
Image Source: Shocktato

What others are saying about the product

This game is super fun!!! I supervised my kids 6 and l up play on the ‘normal setting’. (The youngest kid is 5 and then I have a 6,7,8,9,13 year old play. And some time the 5 year old will want to play.) Normal setting gives a shock that is light enough not to hurt but surprise someone. Lol I first turned it on and asked them to touch a little spot and if they didn’t mind it they got to play. So of course don’t force them to touch it if they don’t want to but if you are wondering, the normal setting doesn’t hurt. The ‘extreme setting’ hurts so this is why I supervise. With littles they will try to turn it on extreme. So I make sure it’s on ‘normal’ or ‘weak’ (there’s no shock to this one) before it gets thrown into the group. This is also fun for adults too!!!😂
The kids LOVE this game. It does give you a fairly decent shock but it’s not so bad that you can’t take it. The different modes are fun as well. You really do need to pass it with two hands to get the maximum shock. It’s very entertaining.
This was a gift for my teenager. We tried it out as a family and I can honestly say I never want to play it again with the zap part on! My son and his friends love it though and take it as a challenge. It’s always funny to watch someone play the first time.
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