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The first ever game with a flying drone!

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Think back to your childhood — do you remember having a great time playing board games with your family? It’s become much harder to peel kids away from their devices to play board games. That’s not the case with Drone Home! Your kids will quite literally have a blast while playing the first ever game with a flying drone.

It’s a fast-paced racing game that requires players to attempt launching their team of aliens into the drone! It takes a few seconds for the drone to get started up — so watch out for other aliens that may knock your alien off the drone! The player who successfully launches all four of their aliens back into space wins. Kids will love helping their extraterrestrial friends take the drone home!

Instead of sitting around waiting for their turn with long-winded board games, your kids will always get excited to play this action-packed game where they’re constantly involved! What makes for a better game than a head-to-head battle, aliens, and a flying drone? Your kids will finally want to step away from their devices!

Image Source: PlayMonster
Image Source: PlayMonster
Image Source: PlayMonster

What others are saying about the product

This game has really over-delivered on my expectations. It's not easy to find games my eight year old and three year old can play together, but this one is a hit. They both absolutely love it. It's hilarious how often the alien can change positions before it takes off. We get at least a half hour of constant play out of it, and sometimes it's closer to an hour. It only takes about 15 minutes to recharge, but as a parent I love that it has an automatic "done" time. As soon as the drone runs out of battery, we shut it down for the night... the kids can't argue with a dead drone! Also, I'm not sure how it's as affordable as it is for what it is, but I love that too!
Great interactive game for kids. My 4 and 5 year old love it! We had to explain initially all the safety of not touching blades of drone while in flight and concerns of it my 5 year of got it too close to her hair, might get tangled. 😂 but overall a great family game. Much more durable than anticipated.
Even though the suggested age range is either 6+ or 8+ I actually gave it a shot with my 3 year old. He absolutely loved it! He's also really good at it too. He and I both enjoy playing it together.
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