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This Survival Kit Has Everything You Need For The Apocalypse

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So—the world seems a bit more chaotic now than it did a few years ago. Maybe we could be heading towards a worldwide catastrophe of unforeseen proportions, which naturally worries you.

It could be global warming, a meteorite, or maybe even a deadly zombie virus. Regardless of the reason behind it, an apocalypse could be upon us, which means only one thing: you need to update your survival items list and ensure you have every single item required to thrive.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, just make sure to buy a professional survival kit curated for your needs by experts. For example, take a look at Verifygear’s 32-in-1 professional emergency kit.

Designed to contain every single item in a quintessential apocalypse survival kit list, this useful and durable tactical backpack features the most basic items—such as a flashlight, a fire starter, and a compass—alongside advanced yet useful equipment like a saber card, a buckle, and folding pliers.

Each item is made of durable, sturdy, and resilient yet lightweight materials, tailor-made to take with you everywhere if you must. In short, they are all must-have survival items in every expert’s home.

What others are saying about the product

I'm impressed at the quality that I received compared to how much I spent! The compass feels very sturdy. The only item that I thought felt cheap were the 2 D-rings as they are plastic. I'm also very impressed with the bag itself, there is 3 smaller compartments inside that I did not expect with more molle straps to keep things from sliding around, and also a small zipper compartment as well. Plus all the straps, handles, and velcro on the outside means it is very versatile.
First of it comes with a American Flag patch and a red cross med patch, (cool) I've seen similar patches go for 30 bucks easy at like a PX on a base or similar military gear like store. Opinion the knife, multi-tool, and compass are worth the price of this alone, plus all the extra gear that comes with it, how can you pass this up , I couldn't. One more thing I bought it to go in my pack when im on my motorcycle. At some point I will buy another for my pickup.
This looks good and impressive. Everything you want is included as it was shown in the pictures. The only problem that I have is that the knife looks beat up and used. Also, the fork and spoon didn’t come with a knife combo, like in the pictures that was shown. Maybe it’s just me or did I missed it? IDK. But, there is a spoon out there that has that triple combo if you are interested. I for one would love that. It would. R quick and easy and you could change it in a heartbeat. Too bad for this one that doesn’t have it. Other than that, it’s a good survival kit.
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