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You Can Install This SUV Window Tent In Seconds

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For adventurers or outdoors enthusiasts interested in SUV camping, the threat of bugs or rain flooding through the windows during your slumber is nothing short of a serious concern.

Rest assured, the solution is here, and with an awesome name to boot—The Overnighter. Roadie’s patented product is a universal solution to all intrusive sleep disturbances.

It is, in short, an SUV window tent meant to provide you safety without risking comfort. It has a universal design that fits mid and full-size SUVs thanks to its built-in elastic bands and versatile range. No need to worry about installation tasks or removal duties—it requires minimal effort and no tools.

The Overnighter is an SUV tent designed to withstand it all. Its bug screen keeps insects out while allowing ventilation. At the same time, its optional black-out camping window covers can grant you extra privacy and keep sunlight away. Its canopy is made with fiberglass support poles that keep the rain away from you without further complications.

Sounds like a dream? It isn’t! Just keep in mind that it does not work on small SUVs, sedans, or other compact vehicles. Door height is minimum 45’’ and maximum 61’’, while the width ranges from 35’’ to 48’’.

Image Source: ROADIE
Image Source: ROADIE
Image Source: ROADIE

What others are saying about the product

Because they go entirely around the door, there are no gaps for mosquitoes to infiltrate. They fit easily on my Outback, and I'd guess would fit most cars, since you just stretch the elastic out as necessary. The hood/awning requires a few seconds of extra fiddling, but extends out enough to be useful, and will make all the difference on hot/rainy/buggy nights. My only complaint is the black color, which will just soak up the sun and make things hotter on a hot day. Wish they were silver/tan/grey.
Used on a 2020 Forrester. Installs easily. Be sure to get it well secured around door frame. I missed a section and got some drips inside, but once properly secured kept me dry. Only draw back is that with power windows, one has to turn car on to raise/lower windows. The window tent did well in significant rain and moderate wind. Not sure how they would do in strong winds...probably like any other tent type set up.
We've been using just plain mesh sleeves on our windows and those don't provide any protection from rain at all. This is definitely an upgrade.

The instructions need a serious overhaul. I'm glad I read previous reviews and watched the video before we went off the grid. Also, your door becomes basically unusable from the outside as the handles are fully encased in the plastic and the wind lines are staked out. Minor inconvenience but something to be aware of. (We usually slither out the side doors for late night bathroom runs since it's easier than trying to unzip the tent fly, so that was an adjustment)

Not excellent, but better than getting rained on. We still throw a tarp over the SUV if heavy storms are expected, but these are a good addition to our set-up.
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