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Everybody does it… make the process more enjoyable 🚽

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Cleaning toilets isn’t our favorite activity—but it’s a solid number two when we use this toilet brush and holder. The Dreamfarm Spindry is a premium, quick-drying toilet brush and holder that will help you get a “handle” on your bathroom’s cleanliness. This toilet brush is not like anything you’ve used before; the handle makes a huge difference.

We’ve all been there. Crossing our fingers that the toilet water won’t drip onto the floor when transferring the toilet brush back into its canister. Say goodbye to the outdated drip-dry method!

Simply squeeze the Dreamfarm Spindry’s handle and watch as it begins to spin until it’s dry. That’s right—keep your toilet and its surroundings completely sanitary.

The Dreamfarm Spindry toilet brush makes the process much more enjoyable, but it also does exactly what it’s supposed to. It keeps the toilet clean!

Toilets end up collecting a lot of bacteria over time. When we flush, tiny particles from the toilet make their way into the air. Wouldn’t you rather these particles come from a squeaky clean toilet?

When you change your old toilet brush out for this innovative one, you’ll stop dreading this chore so much. Keep things clean with the Dreamfarm Spindry!

Image Source: Dreamfarm
Image Source: Dreamfarm
Image Source: Dreamfarm

What others are saying about the product

Love this toilet brush, no more puddle in the bottom of the toilet brush holder. Super fast service from supplier too. Thank you
Although it's easier to dry the toilet brush, it's hard to grab when I do the cleaning. And the holder is big, heavy, and hard to wash. It disgusts me when I see the label says it's dishwasher safe. I will never put it in my dishwasher. But on the other side, the quality of the brush and holder is very nice.
A little on the expensive side - but I broke down and bought it. I should probable buy a few replacement brush heads now before they are discontinued. The spin water does not leave the toilet bowl when used when flushing water is at it's lowest. I also bought a Flush 'n Sparkle' bleach dispenser that hangs in the tank. An awful chose that now is easy peasy.
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