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The Coolest Countertop Snow Cone Maker 🍧

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What’s better on a hot summer day than a snowcone? Since kids are in school every other part of the year, summers spent creating memories with their families are incredibly important. You can create cool memories (pun intended) with the Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker!

This snow cone maker will feel nostalgic for the parents — and create nostalgia for children later in life. Your kids will look back on their amazing summertime tradition of making homemade snow cones with their parents.

This snow cone machine makes up to twenty snow cones! It’s the perfect party trick to pull out, but it’s also perfect when your hungry kids want to eat multiple delicious snow cones.

Simply place ice into the shaving chamber, place the lid on top, turn it on, and begin making snow cones. Your family will love watching the stainless steel blades shave the ice from the 360-degree views. The machine also comes with a safety switch — keeping curious kiddos’ hands safe!

It’s completely portable and can fit on just about any countertop or surface. It comes with two reusable plastic snow cones and an ice scoop to serve the snow cones, so you’ll only need syrups and ice! You’ll definitely be the “coolest” parent on the block. Here we go with the puns again!

Image Source: Nostalgia Store
Image Source: Nostalgia Store
Image Source: Nostalgia Store

What others are saying about the product

Myself and my 3yr old daughter both love this! It is small enough for counter, light and so convenient. the ice is soft and fine enough but not as shaved ice but better than some of the other ice made from some snow come machines I’ve seen. Are use it often and I recently purchased it I can’t wait to get their popcorn machine as well
I used this for a school bake sale. We made a little over 70 Snow Cones in an hour! this thing is amazing, and very easy to use.
We thought we needed to get small ice cubes, but we tried it with Gas Station Bagged Ice and it worked great! The kids loved it, and its not to big to pull out and use everyday if you wanted.
Makes a good amount quite easily, but you have to be mindful that there is a door you have to open to get the ice out. Very cute though, kids love it.
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