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Say Goodbye To Insomnia With This Revolutionary Machine

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Are you the type that struggles to fall rest throughout the night without a pleasant and constant sound to drown out the noise outside? If so, give yourself the gift of sleep with SNOOZ’s Smart White Noise Machine.

Simply put, white noise is a steady noise containing a mix of sound frequencies that comes across as static-like, much like air conditioners or fans. It has been proven that white noise sounds for sleeping can improve rest and reduce the impact of insomnia and other sleep conditions.

SNOOZ’s white noise sound machine provides a non-looping white noise derived from a fan alongside ten different tone and volume settings, alongside fully customizable tone adjustments. Whether you prefer a soft lull to drown your tinnitus or a loud fan that can shield you from car honking at night, SNOOZ provides it all.

To make a good deal even better, SNOOZ’s’ white noise sound can be managed with the companion app to create automatic schedules, adjust the timer, and control the accompanying light setup.

The benefits? They’re endless. Not only will it help you sleep at ease anywhere, but it will also reduce stress, improve work performance if required, and it can even assist you during meditation.

Image Source: SNOOZ
Image Source: SNOOZ
Image Source: SNOOZ

What others are saying about the product

This is worth every penny, I replaced my big fan for white noise with this hesitantly, and was ready to send it back to Amazon if I didn’t love it 100%, but would like one for every bedroom, if you have problems sleeping it’s amazing, but it may make you sleep too much, I have slept 10 hours the past nights with it and there is a setting to lower it gradually as you need to wake up that I probably need to set because it’s that great, but have been enjoying my long nights sleeping for now. If you are on the fence, order it, you can always send it back so easily-but won’t!
We've had other brands of white noise machines. This one I like the best bc the sound is not piercing to the ears when turned up louder.
The only downside is that there is only one option for sound.
This is wonderful for traveling. Also my son wanted one for his dorm room. The volume is high or quieter if you turn it down. If you need a fan to sleep this is the ultimate one to get. Easy for traveling as well! Won’t go anywhere overnight without it!
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