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They’ll Be Splashing Around All Summer 💦

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Do you remember those long summer days when you’d play with a hose for hours on end? This Splash Pad for Kids allows kids to make a splash like never before!

Give your kids the gift of making awesome summer memories splashing around at home. This splash pad has an anti-slip design, so kids can run around freely! The play mat is 68” in diameter, making it large enough for multiple children to splash around together.

The shallow water makes this the perfect splash pad for young children, dogs, and anyone else needing to cool off — just watch out for the shark’s mouth in the center!

You could opt for a few of these to make the ultimate backyard splash arena for your children. This splash pad is roughly 30% thicker than others, so it’s a durable option for kids who love to play hard.

Simply plug in your sprinkler, sit back, and watch your kids have the time of their lives! While you can sit somewhere to the side and relax while your kids are entertained for hours, you may be tempted to grab a few fun photos of them playing in the shark’s mouth or splash around yourself.

Image Source: Jasonwell
Image Source: Jasonwell
Image Source: Jasonwell

What others are saying about the product

I ordered this for autistic son for his 4th birthday. He absolutely loved it! The unboxing and setting up the splash pad was a piece of cake. I literally took it out it out of the box and plastic, laid it out on my front lawn, connected hose, turned the knob, and that's it! Instant fun for him. The water pressure to control the water levels was great. The pad area filled nicely to where if he wanted to play in it he could without keeping water running the entire time. Clean up was easy! I would highly recommend this for little ones for these summer months!
Great product! Amazing idea and both my 1 and 4 year olds love it and varying heights! Love to create a puddle in the middle and simultaneously watering the grass is a great bonus!
This is so cute 👍🏽
I bought for 1.5 yr old and it it’s nice because we’re learning about animals and letters. He loves playing in it. ( ....so do the sparrows 😂)

I think the center plastic is a tad fragile but it’s also not broken yet. It definitely is a supervised activity. It’s slippery and gets full enough to drown. I remember playing in these pools as an older kid but this one is more appropriately sized for a few toddlers because it’s pretty shallow for sitting down play with water toys.
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