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Make Your Morning Jog a Fearless Routine

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In a perfect world, jogging or going out would be a fulfilling and safe experience. However, the cold truth is that society is far from perfect and most of us—especially women—face numerous risks whenever we spend time outside.

Luckily, plenty of items can grant you some safety and peace of mind. Pepper gel spray is one of them since it is a non-lethal yet highly efficient way to discourage would-be attackers and preserve your integrity.

But it turns out that not all pepper sprays are made equal, and some are better than others. Our best recommendation? SABRE pepper gel. It boasts of the maximum strength commercially allowed while having a range that extends up to 12-foot (4m) to guarantee maximum reach.

The best part is that it’s not just one use. Specifically, this pepper gel provides a maximum of 35 bursts that can protect you against multiple threats. Likewise, it is small, portable, and easy to use, making it the quintessential example of a perfect jogger pepper spray.

Just keep in mind that using pepper spray requires some forethought and care to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal risk—it wouldn’t harm to watch a couple of tutorial videos before risking throwing some pepper spray on yourself.

Image Source: SABRE
Image Source: SABRE
Image Source: SABRE

What others are saying about the product

I work in Downtown Seattle. These guys tried to rob me, I maced the first one right in the puss, and that allowed me enough time to run away. This product literally saved my junk.
So happy I got this product. Deterred a potential thief trying to break some neighbor's windows with minimal blowback. He ran away like he was kicked in the a$$. Shoots really far! Ordering more with my subscription.
Very light, easy to use and hold, I only wish that the lock mechanism would be a bit more tight, it rotates easily and can be pressed by accident. I tested it against a wall, the spray pattern is quite focused and short, so you have to relatively close to the attacker and aim directly to the face for this to be effective. I thought this would spray wide and far like my bear spray but this is unlike a bear spray, this gives a narrower and shorter jet.
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