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❄️Mini Ice Cube Maker That’s Perfect for Smoothies, Martinis and Ice Eaters

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Looking for a faster and more efficient way to make and store ice instead of the ice cube tray? Or making yourself or your family a nice cup of smoothie or martinis especially handy if you are out on a road trip or RV camping or sailboats. Oh yes for the ice eaters, now you can chill and refill your ice treats whenever craving strikes.

Sip your icy cold drinks without having to worry about taking up too much storage space in your refrigerators with its compact size of 5 inches tall and able to hold up to 96 mini ice cubes with the mini ice cube maker.

Mini Ice Cube Marker - Fill, Freeze and Squeeze
Fill, squeeze & enjoy!
Fill water and close the lid
Freeze and squeeze the ice cube out

What others are saying about the product

This ice “tray” is easy to use and fits better in my freezer than a traditional rectangular ice tray. I like that you can keep making ice while storing cubes in the bucket. Great if you are just making 1-2 iced drinks at a time
We used two of these for our road trip in our motorhome. They produced enough ice for our morning blended shake and extra to help keep the fridge/freezer cold during the drive when the appliances were turned off. We noticed that occasionally the lid would come up, the inner cup start floating up, and it would create a large ice disk at the bottom of the cup instead of cubes. To remedy this issue we kept heavy items on top of the container until the water would begin to freeze
It works as it claims. It just takes up too much space for what it is. One batch doesn’t even fill up my good tumbler. Yes, you can make multiple batches and store the ice in a bag or tub. But in the end, I don’t think it’s worth it. But it’s the only option I’ve found aside from the expensive machines
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