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Bring your favorite spa’s ambiance into your home 🧖

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Sometimes, the little things can make a big difference. You may have never even thought of purchasing a towel warmer for your home — but can you imagine having a warmed towel ready to greet you after every shower?

Make every day a spa day with the Luxury Bucket Towel Warmer! This towel warmer looks and feels like a luxury item (but for the fraction of the price).

The large towel bucket has the capacity to fit two large towels. If you live alone, you could use this extra room to keep one towel inside the warmer while you wash the other one. If you live with a partner, you’ll both be guaranteed a soothing warm towel after every bath and shower.

It doesn’t take long for the bucket to heat your towels — offering a warm towel after just 60 seconds and a hot towel in six minutes! It also features a single button control, heats the towels evenly, and includes a customized fragrance dish to make your towels smell amazing.

Image Source: Keenray
Image Source: Keenray
Image Source: Keenray

What others are saying about the product

My family LOVES our towel warmer. My hubby initially thought this was was waste of money until his first try. Now I can't get him to take a shower without placing his towel in the towel warmer. Great buy.
This is a great product. It does what it was designed to do - warm towels. It's large enough for 2 standard bath towels or 1 small blanket. It was actually larger than I thought it would be but it has a large capacity so I was happy with the size once I started using it. If you only have a small space for a warmer, I'd suggest a smaller version, but that means you'll only be able to warm one towel at a time and it would be too small for a blanket. I hit the power button on top, throw in my underwear, socks, and a towel and when I get out of the shower, everything is toasty warm. No settings to mess with or LCD displays. It shuts off automatically or you can hit the power button to turn it off. Easy as it gets.
I love this item. This is not something that I needed. It's even hard to justify as an ordinarily frugal person. But every time I get out of the shower and wrap myself in the warmth and fragrance of a towel I pull out of it, I feel true joy. Buy it.
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