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No More Boring Pool Days

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Everyone loves a good pool float, but using the same pool floats and toys can get boring after many long summer days. Why settle for a boring pool day when you can get the Pool Punisher Inflatable Tank Pool Float? Blast water through a cannon — up to fifty feet away!

This pool float is the first-ever inflatable tank with an inbuilt cannon that blasts water. Stick it outside, bring it to a pool party, or take it to the lake for an awesome day on the water.

Make your next pool party a memorable one by purchasing more than one of these for an all-out water war. Your pool float will completely dominate the pool (and those other boring floats).

While a small business makes this durable tank float, it isn’t just made for small people. Adults up to 180 pounds can get in the tank and punish everyone in their path with a blast of water!

Someone won’t get in? Blast them. Someone is on an average float? Blast them. Someone is thinking about challenging you to a battle? You get the idea.

Image Source: Pool Punisher
Image Source: Pool Punisher
Image Source: Pool Punisher

What others are saying about the product

My daughter bought this for me for Father’s Day and I immediately put on my American Flag mullet bandanna and set out to shame all the other dads on our lake. My sons and I are big corn-fed boys and this tank held each of us just fine, so it’s great quality. We are already looking to buy a couple more to add to our platoon. The gun also shoots far! The wife and grandkids didn’t stand a chance - this is a photo of me annihilating my beautiful bride as she tried to relax on the beach.
I love the idea of this float, but I feel as though it is way too expensive for what I got. The tank is smaller than what I expected. It says it can hold up to 300 lbs but there is absolutely no way a bigger person could get into that tank. Good for kids up to age 10.
This was an amazing purchase. The quality of the inflatable material is fantastic. I bought three other inflatables with squirt guns for my kids but felt left out until I found this. I am 5'9 and 220 pounds. This was the perfect size to have some good family fun and offers great protection against the competition.... 5 out of 5!
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