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Making 🥤 ICEE Slushies at Home with ICEE Machine!

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Want an easy way to cool off this summer? Stay cool this summer with your very own yummy slushie drink at Home with the Slushie Maker from iscream.

Get ready to cool off on hot summer days with a counter-top ICEE Slushie Maker! Stay cool this summer anytime with your very own slushie drink at Home with the Slushie Maker from iscream. Simply add water, ice and your favourite ICEE flavoring syrup, and your yummy frozen drink is ready to slurp!

Let’s face it: summer is the best time of the year—but it can get really hot. When you get that craving for ICEE Slushies, why not be prepared with your very own ICEE slushie maker? Easy to clean and easy to use, this Home Slushie Machine satisfies your craving and keeps you cool all summer long!

Purchase details: $127 from Amazon >>

Image Source: iscream
Image Source: iscream
Image Source: iscream

What others are saying about the product

Our family loves a nice cold great consistency slushee or icee! I must say this product truly delivered. It’s easy to use, the consistency is just right every time, and the flavors of the syrup are pretty tasty!
I love this machine. I got it thinking it would be awesome for kids birthday parties. It only makes 3-4 cups at a time and takes about 20 ish mins to make (if you freeze the center barrel and use ice cream salt not table salt which would take much longer if used). So probably not for larger birthday parties but small ones would be great or sleep overs or just cause like we do.
We found this to be very easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to clean up. ICEEs were great. Very interesting texture; not like ICEEs from the store but really awesome. Can't wait to use it more.

Purchase details: $127 from Amazon >>

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