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The Best Indoor Slide For Stairs Is Here!

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From a child's perspective, the world is a playground; an amusement park with fun lurking from every corner. Where our adult eyes may see a simple box, kids see shields, hiding spots, castles, fortresses, and more.

As adults, why not enhance their world of fun? Many toys and items online can give a little push to your children’s playtime from the comfort of your own home. One of such toys is the fantastic Stairslide’s sliding stairway.

Stairslide is exactly what its name says—an indoor slide for stairs. Made of sturdy and safe materials, Stairslide is an attachment toy that can transform your home’s stairs into a children’s indoor slide with minimal effort. It is self-anchoring and has safe non-slip grips that prevent it from moving, as well as raised edges to avoid accidents.

You can buy one slide, which is perfect for babies slipping down from the couch to the ground, and the four-pack, suited for 9 to 12 stairs. They require no installations and are easy to remove and store whenever you wish to have a sliding staircase at home.

With no tools required, Stairslide provides instant fun for children of all ages with minimal risk or safety concerns for parents.

Image Source: Stairslide
Image Source: Stairslide
Image Source: Stairslide

What others are saying about the product

Love it! Has rubber on the bottom so didn’t damage my wood stairs. Will buy another set to go to the top! One set has covered 10 steps, set at high performance position. Can set for less steps if desired. Worth every penny!
These slides are very fun and can be very fast for steep stairs but the instructions show how to make it less steep for a younger crowd. My kids also love to move them around the house and make a slide off the window seat, the couch and even the pool stairs. They also use it as a chute for stuffed animals, toy cars and even the food/items I have them take downstairs to storage, haha. Now, stair slide just needs to make a slide that conforms to L-shaped stairs.
We ordered this early on when we moved into our new house to keep the little kids entertained while we unpacked and got settled in! I have 2yo, 7yo, and 9yo that play on it regularly. The 2yo has had some scrapes on his back from laying down on it. We’ve done multiple set ups, with pillows, with a cushion, etc. and we love it!
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