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This Little Live Pet Bird Is The Most-Beloved Toy This Season

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With the holidays approaching, it is time to start thinking of what Santa should bring to the very lucky children in your life. And as always, Little Live Pets remains one of the most popular toy franchises, beloved by children and adults everywhere.

The reason it’s simple—they’re cute and safe interactive plush toys that can sing, dance, talk, and do a plethora of things with you. The way it can talk back and react to actions makes it an ideal interactive toy pet and a fun gift for anyone.

In particular, this Little Live Pet bird—a flamingo named Sherbet—stands out due to its cute eyes and bright pink coloration. It almost serves as a practice pet for the youngest ones since you can use it to teach kids how pets need to eat, drink, and poop.

But don’t be fooled. Although these toys are beloved by kids, grown-ups also find joy in adopting one. Don’t be afraid to purchase it for yourself if you’re a collector or just wish to relive simple joys—Sherbet is a cherished talking stuffed animal for adults and kids alike.

The adorable Sherbet comes with reusable flamingo food, a scoop, a toilet, and three AA batteries.

Purchase details: $60 from Amazon >>

Image Source: Little Live Pets
Image Source: Little Live Pets
Image Source: Little Live Pets

What others are saying about the product

This toy is AWESOME! Everyone loved it, even the adults! This bird is hilarious! Only problem with it is that the neck is fragile. I gave this to my granddaughter for her 7th bday and that same day her 3 year old brother accidentally knocked it off the counter and broke his neck. So we had it replaced and haven't had any problems. However, we have to be extra careful and supervise when she plays with it. But despite that I really do love this toy!!
I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loved it. It is adorable and well made. However, there isn't a lot you can do with it. When you feed it once and it "goes", there can be residual sand left over that comes out of its mouth and . . . other orifice. She slept with it, and of course there was sand in her bed the next morning. It is cute though and it does everything as promised. It mimics what you say. There is only one sound setting - loud! And the "gotta go" song is very catchy! This is a great payback gift to buy for the child of a friend who in their single years got your child kinetic sand or glitter!
You need a little patience for the “ gotta go “ part. And I believe you’d have to order more ever dry sand(13-14$) at some point. It’s reusable but hard to not loose some. Parent supervision for “poo” but you can use the flamingo without the toilet and have instant voice repeat(different voice). Very kid friendly! Our grandkids LOVE it!

Purchase details: $60 from Amazon >>

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