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Fort for a king or queen? 👑👸🤴

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Blankets, pillows or bed sheets? Remember building your very own formidable fort as a kid? Now you and your family can build your very own kickass fort in less than 30 seconds without the mess!

Why spend hours building it when you and your family can spend hours enjoying it! With AirFort’s inflatable fort, you can simply attach it to a floor fan and you’re ready to go!

And when it’s time to clean up and put away, all you have to do is stuff the AirFort back into its own matching carrying bag, simple and easy.

AirFort’s inflatable fort
Inflate in less than 30 seconds

What others are saying about the product

This thing is hilariously awesome !! I got this for my 6 ft 15 year old, he wanted some sort of clubhouse thing and this is what we came up with. Because he was too big for all the other stuff and I think people forget that teenagers are kids too. He originally wanted one of those bed tents but after reading the reviews, on how those rods break and there's fiberglass everywhere we decided against it. So he will sit in this thing and read for hours or hook his video games up and play it. The fan that's recommended that you buy with this is perfect. I highly recommend this product. It is definitely sturdy my other kids have tried to "break in" and it held form
Inflates easy and is a lot bigger than I expected. My kids love it. Only down side is the stars will not glow just using the basic ceiling lights. If I put my high power flashlight on it, the stars will glow for alittle bit. I am sure in the sun it would work fine but this is very disappointing for my kids.
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