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Improve your child’s motor function!

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What’s your kid’s favorite toy? They may love playing with action figures, barbies, or trucks — but this toy is about to become their next favorite. The Monkey Business Sports Stomp Walker is a unique toy that allows children to walk on stilts — instantly becoming big foot!

Let their imagination take them away, or should we say let the big foam feet take them away? They will be walking all around the house and yard with their big-foot stilts. This toy is made with safe and high-quality materials that will support a small child up to 100 pounds. Your kid will stand on the wide foot stands, grab onto the stilts, and begin walking across any flat surface.

Not only will your child love this toy because of the fun they have, but you’ll love this toy because it supports them in learning balance and coordination skills. If you’re a parent with a child that should work on their motor function or balance skills, this is the perfect toy to encourage them to consistently work on these skills. Your kid may think the toy is all about monkey business and fun — but as a parent, you’ll know the toy goes beyond just being fun.

Image Source: Monkey Business Sports
Image Source: Monkey Business Sports
Image Source: Monkey Business Sports

What others are saying about the product

My kids have dreamed of having stilts after seeing them on TV. These were a great Christmas surprise for them. My 8 year old picked it up after a few tries and it's always a hit when friends visit -- everyone wants a turn. They were easy to assemble and have help up well so far.
My daughter got these stilts for her 5-year Birthday. It only took her about an hour to figure them out and once she did, she was all over the house in them and still is, 6 months later. She is not the type to enjoy a toy longer than 6 minutes let alone 6 months. The one problem we had was that the pole will occasionally twist in the base so that is it nonparallel to the "bigfoot" making it hard to walk and at first, I had to twist it back into place for my daughter. Again, that only took my daughter a day or so to figure out on her own how to twist the pole back into it's proper position to keep on stompin'. GREAT toy. All my kids love it, all the friends love it, all the cousins love it, etc, etc...
These were easy for my granddaughter to learn to use and she has had hours of fun with them. She had to adjust the feet occasionally, but it didn't bother her a bit and she walked around on them all weekend. Real happy with them, wish the feet were attached a little differently, but great fun!
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