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It’s time to level up your water balloon game 🎈

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Remember when you used to have extreme water balloon fights as a kid? You’d spend time filling up hundreds of water balloons, get a huge bucket ready, and then go into a water balloon war. You had the best time — and got in a few awesome throws. But what if we told you that instead of merely throwing water balloons, you can blast them at your opponents?

The Beast 300 Yd Water Balloon Slingshot/ Cannon/ Launcher is quite literally the beast of all water balloon fights. When you pull this bad boy out, your opponents will instantly realize that the fight may as well be over.

This ultimate water balloon launcher takes three people to really blast the water balloons into what feels like outer space — up to 300 feet!

While it can be fun to have the upper hand during a water balloon battle, getting two of these slingshots will make for an all-out war. Use these in your big backyard, in the park, or at parties. There are various fun games that could be played with this balloon slingshot (just take a look at the reviews).

Image Source: TaterToys
Image Source: TaterToys

What others are saying about the product

Easy least, popped it out of the packaging, had the kids fill some balloons up, we held it and they launched a couple.....sent them out to see if they could find the balloon pieces......and then we started launching em at the kids from about 200 yards, didn’t get a hit, but watching them run around like the sky was falling as water balloons rained down from above was just as much fun! Jk, it’s cool, if you don’t have one I highly recommend getting one so you can blast the top off that hottie on the boat dock from the comfort of the house!
We love it. In addition to water balloons and tennis balls, we've launched baseballs straight up with it. They go amazingly high and it's been good fielding practice for our bored, season cancelled so far, baseball player. Although make sure you use someplace where the balls can't hit. Could do a lot of damage. We have ours tied to the basketball hoop in the driveway so one person can launch them and then run out of the way lol.
We had a lot of fun with this slingshot. Seems to be sturdy and made well, but the little bag of balloons that came with it were totally unusable. Couldn't get water in the really tiny things and they would rip. Smallest water balloons we'd ever seen and very thin. Luckily we had a bag of full size balloons we could use. Not easy to hit the target with this so you wipe out bystanders. If you want to stay dry, volunteer to be the target!
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