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The Ultimate Kids’ Archery Set 🏹

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Every parent wants their children to experiment with different sports, hobbies, and activities to find something they love. There’s no need to have a mini heart attack if your child shows interest in archery! Get the FAUX BOW Pro to allow them to safely try the sport from the comfort of your backyard.

You certainly don’t want to hand your child a typical archery set and hope for the best — but you can hand them this specially crafted (and patented) children’s archery set. Your child won’t complain because their awesome new sports fiberglass bow can launch the arrow up to 200 feet, and you won’t complain because your child is safely enjoying a new activity. This archery set could open a door to a newfound passion!

While this archery kit is safe and durable, it’s only intended for children from the age of fourteen and up. The set comes with fiberglass limbs, preassembled bow tops, an arrow quiver clip, a bowstring with finger guards, an arrow rest, and three impact arrows.

The impact arrows are patented because they aren’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re oversized, lightweight, and extremely safe. Here’s the best part: your kid will still feel like they’re handling a real bow and arrow. It’s a great launching point for them (pun intended).

Image Source: Marky Sparky
Image Source: Marky Sparky
Image Source: Marky Sparky
Image Source: Marky Sparky

What others are saying about the product

Great toy! Very authentic in it's operation while still remaining relatively safe for kids. Feels just like a 25 lb recurve bow while shooting safer arrows. The arrows themselves aren't aerodynamic enough to make precision shots at distance, but they pack plenty of kinetic punch for knocking down targets. Would probably hurt to get hit within 60 feet. Definitely not for "nerf wars" without heavy eye protection like a paintball mask. I think this is a happy medium solution for older kids who are interested in archery but are not responsible enough for real arrows. You could also buy the refill soft arrows for this bow and use it with a real bow too.
My 8-year old daughter loves playing with this bow. It is very safe with the broad foam tips, but gives enough feeling of pulling back a real bow. At first she couldn't pull it back all the way but after a few days had figured it out. That was the best part because she is getting used to have to pull back the bow but still remain in good form and relaxed in order to shoot well. Perfect for preparing her for the real thing someday!
Very easy to assemble and much better quality than expected. For a kids toy it shoots very far and is fairly accurate. The instructions are easy to follow and be sure to read them. The arrows are light weight and break easy if stepped on or shot into something close.

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