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Transform your house into a haunted manison with ghostly holographics

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Transform your house into a haunted mansion with the holographic Halloween digital decoration from AtmosFX. Simply project the animated 1080p HD video with your home projector and welcome the restless spirits, each of whom are eager to haunt your home and terrify anyone that passes by....

and the hunt continues....

What others are saying about the product

I decided to stick my toe into the Halloween projections arena this year since we had a projector that we used for watching movies in the backyard. I looked around and liked AtmosFX's videos the best by far, and decided to buy the Pumpkin Jamboree and the Phantasms DVD's for two totally different effects. While the DVD that came from Amazon was good, and the videos as expected, I was disappointed as the DVD's project in 480p and are not HD
This is such a fun and easy way to decorate for Halloween. This DVD doesn't just give one way of having spooks come visit you during the haunting hour. I love that I can easily switch this over to have a "haunted" TV, wall, window, mist, empty body entity, or whatever! I used to go all out for Halloween, but cut back due to some vandals messing with my stuff when my entire household would go out and have fun with the neighbors. With this, I can still give a very cool FX and have deco without fearing that someone will be messing with my stuff.
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