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This small device will scare a perpetrator away ❌

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The world is beginning to feel scarier than ever — do you have a plan of action if you encounter an aggressor? The Safe Sound Personal Alarm will play a loud safety emergency alarm that is meant to throw off any aggressor. The 130 dB alarm will not only disorient the attacker for a few moments to give you time to escape, but it will also alert anyone nearby that something alarming is happening.

The personal alarm is hidden in a keychain, so it can be easily attached to purses or backpacks. You can finally have peace of mind knowing that you have something that will deter potential attackers. If you or someone you love ends up in a horrific situation, the screeching alarm can be activated by quickly removing the hand strap pin.

Not only does the keychain’s loud alarm act as a safety net, but it also features LED lights that will make any dimly lit area feel more secure. This tiny device can literally save lives — gift it to your loved ones to protect them against the unthinkable!

Image Source: VIGOROAD Store
Image Source: VIGOROAD Store

What others are saying about the product

It is loud and pretty bright! I love how cute it is on my keychain and how it looks like an accessory instead of a safety tool! It’s perfect if you get lost or if you need to draw attention to yourself!

I accidentally unlatched it at an event and freaked out lmfaoo, so make sure you keep track of it and remember the alarm won’t stop unless you put the latch back in!
Got this alarm for my daughter in college, as she has some night classes. She loves it! She likes the cat shape and the colors. She calls it her Tomagochi alarm. And she said that it’s louder than the alarm that her friend has.
Very small, as stated, which is a good thing because I hate having clunky key chains on my backpack. Have been too afraid to test the sound as I hate loud noises, but they are very cute and the flashlight is decent quality and comes in handy often. Great choice of self defense for younger children who can’t be trusted with more potentially offensive means of self protection, such as tasers
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