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Life’s too short to worry about the position of the toilet seat 🚽

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There are an estimated 123 million households in the United States alone — yet we all have the same argument. Is a male supposed to leave the toilet seat up or down? Is a woman supposed to leave the toilet seat up or down? No matter which side of the debate you’re on, someone needs to lift and lower the toilet seat. The Lifty Loo Toilet Seat Handle is the perfect solution — making the process of lifting and lowering the toilet seat clean and seamless!

The Lifty Loo Toilet Seat Handle is a great way to foster better bathroom etiquette, so the conversation won’t even be necessary anymore. The easy-to-install handle encourages everyone to lift and lower the seat.

To install, you’ll just need to press the 3M adhesive to the bottom of the toilet seat. The handle is made with durable plastic that’s recycled from the ocean, so it’ll last for many flushes to come!

The bathroom still won’t be your favorite place — because it’s the bathroom. But maybe now it’ll be number two?

Image Source: Lifty Loo
Image Source: Lifty Loo
Image Source: Lifty Loo

What others are saying about the product

I love this product! My husband always forgets to put the seat down and this made it so much easier to just put the seat down without actually touching the toilet seat.
Works perfect for what I need it for. I just figured out where it would best on my toilet then I adhered it. It doesn't get in the way and my younger boys are able to pick the seat up without touching the seat.
I bought this because of an influencer I follow. It’s a neat little item. Make sure you test where you want to place it before you peel the backing off to adhere it. Because the sticky stuff is STRONG! so I recommend finding your placement then sticking it on.
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