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This avocado slicer is revolutionary!

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If you love avocados as much as the next person, you know the struggle of prepping an avocado to be eaten.

You might spend longer than you’d like to admit trying to get the pit out. Maybe you end with chunks instead of thin slices. Other times, the spoon used to scoop the avocado slightly smashes the fruit in the process.

The OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer will solve all of your avocado-related problems — making them that much more enjoyable.

This all-in-one tool includes a stainless steel pitter that will make removing the pit easier than ever. The slicer is used to slice the avocado into thinly sliced pieces — your avocado slices will look like they’re ready to be served at a restaurant!

The nonslip grip will ensure your avocado prepping process is easy. After you’ve used your new favorite kitchen tool, you can simply place it into your dishwasher. There’s no longer a need to get out a knife, spoon, and fork to prepare your avocado now that you’ve found this helpful tool.

Image Source: OXO
Image Source: OXO
Image Source: OXO

What others are saying about the product

love avocados and this tool is perfect!!! I have cut myself in the past trying to remove pits and separate the center from the outer skin. This tool is so versatile that it never makes into a drawer and my family loves it because it’s safe for a clumsy cook to use. It makes me look like a pro!!!
If you eat Avacado's often you need this tool. Cuts perfectly every time, removes the pit with ease and slices as you remove the meat from the skin. Then just rinse under hot water and your ready to go again. I also put it in the dish washer with no trouble. A must have!
I got this tool after my daughter ended up getting stitches in her finger using a pairing knife for avocados. Works great but the avocado needs to be somewhat on the soft side. (who likes a hard avocado anyway)
I do recommend.
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