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Haircuts at home without the mess 💇‍♂️

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Do you like saving money? Obviously. Sometimes, going to an expensive salon to get your hair cut isn’t really worth it. You can end up paying $50 to $100 for something you could’ve easily done yourself.

One of the biggest setbacks to cutting hair at home is the mess. You can save money by avoiding the salon while saving yourself from cleaning up the mess with the At Home Hair Cut Catching Cape.

The cape is an umbrella style — seamlessly catching any hair that falls down. It’s super easy to use: put the cape on, adjust it to fit your neck size with the adjustable velcro, let it catch all of the excess hair, wipe it off, and fold it when you’re done. It’s made of a soft nylon material that is incredibly easy to clean.

If you’re a parent who finds themselves running a mini barber shop or salon every few weeks, this hair-catching cape will make the process easier and quicker. Your children will have fun wearing the cape because of the fun shape — making family haircuts more enjoyable for everyone.

What others are saying about the product

I used this hair catching cape for the first time today and it worked perfectly. I was a little worried it would spill the clippings at first and was very careful in my movements. By about 5 minutes in, I was not even paying attention to that and was amazed that it did not spill out any of the clippings. It is a thin material, not plastic, but I don't know if thicker material would make it better or make it stiff and not as functional. The fit was good and the arm openings worked well too. Folding it up is interesting... you have to twist it like one and a half times and then just slide it in together. If done correctly, it fits in the included draw string sack. I am glad I found this and would recommend it to family and friends.
Just received yesterday and used it today to cut my elderly dad's hair. Wow, it's great!! I didn't have to sweep after his haircut. Just took the cover outside and flipped it over and gave it a shake. Twisting up to fold was the same struggle I have with sun shades for the car but I got it good enough. 😉 Glad I ordered this!!
I really like this idea for convenience and easy clean up - not sure how long this will last bc storing it in the bag it came in makes me wonder how long the wires will last being folded and stored repeatedly
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