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This Device Can Help You Hang Your Bag Anywhere

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Keeping purses and bags from touching the floor is one of those things that you don’t think about too much, but it’s really important and urgent whenever you need to do so.

For example, leaving your purse on the floor calls for bad luck in many cultures. According to these superstitions, doing so would mean you disregard the valuable items it has—money, namely—so subsequently, you will soon after face financial woes.

However, you don’t need to be a believer to know that placing bags on the ground is just nasty and an excellent way to pick up a wide variety of bacteria.

Overall, you need to keep your bag up at all times, and whenever you can’t carry it you need an item to hold it for you. The solution may sound funny, but it’s true—carry inside your purse a portable bag hanger so that you can, when needed, hang your purse and keep it safe. It needs to be small, lightweight, and resilient.

Clipa2 has an affordable yet flawless collection called The Instant Bag Hanger. Coming in a wide range of colors and finishes, these purse hangers are made from premium alloy that is small but practical and can carry up to 33 lbs.

Each bag hanger is versatile enough to work on ledges, edges, rails, holes, openings, and more—a practical must-have for women, men, and anyone who needs to protect their bags.

Image Source: Clipa
Image Source: Clipa
Image Source: Clipa

What others are saying about the product

I bought this for a trip to Vegas. The casinos rarely have hooks at the bars/table games, I refuse to put my purse on the dirty, sticky, cigarette ash covered surfaces and I know better than to hang my bag on the back of my chair for pick-pockets to target. This hoop was perfect! It worked on all sorts of edges to keep my bag clean and in front of me. It also needs very little space to attach to an edge. Now, I always keep it on the metal ring that joins my shoulder strap to the actual purse so I can use it on the fly. It works great and looks classy.
I love keeping this in my purse so that I can hang it off a table instead of placing it on the floor. Such a great design too! Highly recommend!
I love this thing, it keeps your bag clean and off of dirty booths or the floor when eating out, I’m a college student and it’s strong enough to hold my backpack when I’m studying on campus. It’s also pretty discreet so it fits all my needs, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.
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