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Don’t worry, your child won’t be stuck with blue hair 😉

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The hair chalk salon is now open —thanks to Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk! These pens allow your child to have colorful hair for a temporary amount of time. Don’t worry, mom and dad. Your kid won’t be showing up to school with green hair anytime soon.

This kit includes ten temporary hair chalks that will come out when washed. It includes a glitter dark pink, silver, glitter blue, light pink, glitter purple, green, orange, yellow, red, and light purple pen.

Does your child have a themed party coming up? Your kid will love attending a princess party with glittery pink hair or a superhero party with red hair. Maybe your child would like to do a hair design with multiple colors? Let their creativity fly — especially because the fun colors will wash right out.

These pens are non-allergenic and non-toxic, so they’re completely safe for kids to enjoy. If your kid wants to have colored hair, you’ll simply need to use the pens to apply the color before using a hair dryer to gently activate the color. Your child’s hair will temporarily match their colorful personality!

Image Source: Desire Deluxe Store
Image Source: Desire Deluxe Store
Image Source: Desire Deluxe Store

What others are saying about the product

I got these for my granddaughters ages 6 - 8 and they loved painting each other’s hair. Pretty bright colors and washes out easily @ end of day. Plenty enough colors to paint their hair more then once. I would recommend this hair chalk!
My granddaughter loved this hair chalk. Fifteen minutes after the end of her party, her hair was decorated with chalk. It looked good and washed out easily.
I got this for something fun to do with my boys this summer. We had a lot of fun putting it on each other's hair. We tried wetting our hair first, but it definitely painted on brighter and more easily when our hair dried. It was super fun to let them paint my hair rainbow colors, and they were thrilled to have all of the colors in their hair. It washed out quickly and easily in the shower and they were excited to color them again the next day.
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