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Your Kid Needs This Roarsome Book

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Transport your kid from their bedroom to a world where dinosaurs are around every turn. Kids love the Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up it features cool dinosaur pop-ups, exciting facts about the prehistoric world, and fun humor.

This dino-mite book contains 35 pop-ups (dont worry, were done with the dino puns now). Entertainment Weekly called this book a real work of art. While your toddler doesnt necessarily care about Entertainment Weeklys book review, they will be memorized by the unique pop-ups inside the book.

The books reading level is anywhere between kindergarten to fourth grade. You may need to read this book to your little one, but unlike other childrens books, you wont get tired of reading this one.

This book will quickly become your childs favorite, whether theyre already obsessed with dinosaurs or not. The authors knew how to pair just the right amount of interesting information and incredible visuals. This is more than just a childrens book its an experience.

Image Source: Robert Sabuda
Image Source: Robert Sabuda
Image Source: Robert Sabuda

What others are saying about the product

GORGEOUS, informative pop-up book for my dino-loving 5-yr old grandson. Full of HUGE pop-ups and little ones, great dino information, beautifully created and worth every penny. I tried to get this for last Christmas but it was sold out. Now I know why. My grandson LOVES all his pop-up books by this author! He can't read yet so it is a very fun way to get lap time with him. He will also sit and look at the illustrations on his own. Warning: A child needs to know how to take care of a book before owning one of these and might need a little instruction in how to carefully close pages. Also, keep out of reach of toddler sibs! Love it.
It's a wonderful book. The pop up is well designed with great amount of detail. With that being said, my 3yr girl is only allowed to read with us not alone. You would need to be careful turning certain pages as some folding won't retract properly by itself. If your school aged kid has great interest in dinosaur and learned to appreciate wonderful things than they can handle this book alone. Otherwise I suggest parental guidance if you don't want to end up with your kids crying and a waste of money. Plus it's great for family to enjoy this book together.
Great pop up book. Amazing, really. But it's a little "extra" for my sensibilities, but if you're looking for a pop up book, this is definitely that!! Lots of info on Dino's, too. More than my 4yo cares to read!
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